Marilyn's Musings

Hi, I'm glad you found my page

As you browse through my titles, I hope you find something interesting.

  I'm just one of your Christian sisters that loves to share through the written word.

  No, while still in infancy, my favourite toy was not a pen for scribbling my 'thoughts' with, but my very vivid 'colour' memories seemed to have morphed into a longing to write novels that are interesting, educational and realistic.

 I don't know why I got started on stories with settings from long ago, but it does seem if we learn from the past we will be better equipped to face the challenges of our present day.

  Excuse me for loving to to make book covers. Well, it does give you more styles to choose from!


dog reading my book.jpeg

Hey, admit it, if the dog enjoys my books, you will, too.

Let's Read!

Jesus helping His Dad.jpg

A scene you might picture in your mind while reading Mary'am's Memories

Donkey on a Cobblestone Path.jpg

Would you be brave enough to flee to the unmapped mountains with a few catacomb dwellers and donkeys?

Roman Legion.jpg

Danger from Roman soldiers was a real threat to the early Christians.

Donkey on a Cobblestone Path.jpg