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Brothers Indeed

Updated: Feb 27

All across America and in far away lands we have something in common. We hear singing and lectures streaming right into the comfort and safety of our homes. It is

heartwarming listening to the courageous voices of fellow Christians although they are far away.

Last night we got connected with a preparatory class program. Wow, what youthful conviction and enthusiasm! As one essay was being read, I was impressed with how much Scripture was quoted. It seemed like I could see a stream of faithful worshippers right from the foot of the cross until now.

From early on, true Christians were retreating to the Alps where they faithfully recorded the word and taught it to succeeding generations. From at least 500A.D the Roman Catholic church tried to destroy them but God had provided a haven which lasted over a thousand years. You can find this predicted in the book of Revelation.

The early church had two goals; keeping themselves pure, and mission-mindedness. Being a missionary in those days was very risky so they like Paul, who was a tentmaker, did it under cover of another occupation. They even concealed pages of the Word of God in the linings of their clothing to bring out when they were sure someone was a true seeker.

Having services in caves and risking death was not any easier for our forefathers, than it would be for us. But because they were faithful, we are blessed. Pass on the torch!

Passing the torch means more than just spreading the light, it must be the true light. Words that held a lot of weight at one time have been watered down through the ages. For example to say, Christianus sum during Roman times could get you the death penalty but now the word Christian has much broader connotations. It is the same with words like Mennonite and Waldensians also but there is still the scarlet thread, representing the cleansing blood of Jesus weaving through these groups.

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