• Marilyn Friesen

Ever Feel Like a Door Mat?

Some of us maybe feel like we don't amount to anything, at times. We are such ordinary, inconspicuous people that we aren't even 'bright' enough to be a wallflower. But guess what? You might be among those that are far more valuable than a mere flower. I used to think Chickweed was a nuisance that proliferated rapidly and had no discernable value. That is until I dug a little deeper! It is more important than flowers and even more useful than those flashy tomatoes that take so long to ripen, then need hours of attention to preserve them for the future.

But Chickweed and similar humble cousins meekly accept being trod upon without getting all bent out of shape. Sure, they pop up readily, but if one would start harvesting them in spring, when they are at their finest, and hang them up to dry, (simple, eh?) you might quite soon be looking for more. You see this common weed is a healer.

1.A healer, you say? Yup, take note it is supposed to help lower blood pressure.

2. Salves are being made, with this meek little fella being a main ingredient.

3. Wanna lose weight? Help is on the way. In fact numerous benefits have been discovered for centuries but that isn't the main point of this article.

If you are feeling somewhat useless, just remember the chickweed. You also are needed.

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