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Strange Shaped Miracle

Updated: Feb 18

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes, but oh are they special when they arrive.

I guess I was always a dog lover. It must be in the genes because my brother used to teach a parakeet to sit on first our dog Laddie, and years later Wags' head.

Zoom forwards with me to the time we had a sweet white mutt who seemed to be loved by our Bed and Breakfasters, and later renters, as much as by us. (Or maybe they just thought he did.) Anyway, late one winter evening Cuddles must have decided we were taking too long returning home from town. She went a little past the end of the driveway possibly to check if we were coming. White dog and plenty of white snow. Spare me from telling you the details.

I seem to need a dog but when given a pup a year or two later, he proved too rambunctious for me and I was afraid of getting knocked over on the ice so we couldn’t keep him. Some of you might know what it means to be heartbroken by such a loss.

Well, it wasn't raining cats and dogs in our neck of the woods and buying one at going prices isn't in our budget. My health had taken a dramatic downward swoop by this time, so my prayers got pretty specific. I really yearned for a therapy dog, one that was small enough to be in the house, a first for us, and calm enough not to overwhelm me.

I knew God 'specializes in things thought in possible' but how would he respond to this request?

"I need to go to town, today," Stephen said, "do you want to come along?" How do you say 'no' to a husband who had to adjust rather suddenly to waiting on you practically hand and foot? Simple answer. You don't.

Going along consists mainly of waiting for him so I was checking out an animal rescue site. Online, of course.

"Bandaged Paws is showcasing cats today, but why don't we go there just to look," I said. There was one stop we could have made on the way but I could see he was so focused on getting there that I didn't mention it. That is noteworthy because moments after we arrived at the Rescue Center a worker strolled out from the back with the most adorable cocker spaniel at her side.

He had recently arrived and already had his teeth fixed and needed a few other details attended to.

Yes, he came home with us a few days later for a couple hundred dollars instead of a thousand but I am not building up to the climax like I ought.

Archie proved to be just the dog we needed. I don't know for how many weeks we found him standing by our bedroom door in the middle of the night. No not sleeping but keeping watch. The afternoon of the day I was rushed to the hospital I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to see him Standing Watch Over Me. Poor little guy, I don't know what he planned to do if there was a real emergency, but he sure wants to help. He isn't Mr. Sober-sides, though. When I take him out to do his business, he can morph into a puppy right before your eyes. Once he raced so quickly his nose skidded on the ground but that didn't stop him, no not for an instant. Another time he was going so fast he rolled off a low snowbank but was off and running at the blink of an eye.

Miracle Dog or no. tell me if you agree.

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