• Marilyn Friesen

The King's Renters

Long ago there was a king who was benevolent and looked upon his subjects with compassion and concern. He knew many of them were living sad aimless lives and wanted to do something to help them.

One day He hit on a plan. I will build a village for them. Occasionally I will ask them to do something for me and that is how they can pay rent. I will choose work according to their temperaments and abilities and they can build on it as they desire as long as they obey my suggestions. The villagers were so delighted with their entire township that they called the area Paradise. There was much satisfying employment for all.

However, the people became lifted up because of their abilities and, forgetting that God was their Creator, and knew them best of all, decided to do things their own way. The Hedge of Innocence became annoying because it restricted their view so it was hacked down.

Gradually Paradise was becoming a disturbing place and God sent them out. Miraculously the tranquil haven disappeared from off the face of the Earth.

However that wasn't the end of the story. Down through the ages some longed for the innocence, purity and beauty they had embraced in their original home. The King sent an ambassador to tell them how how it could be symbolically restored in their hearts. Although some embraced the conditions, repentance and obedience, others were so disgusted they actually murdered their Redeemer.

The ones who had "Heaven in their Hearts' as it were, enjoyed many blessings.

Paradise was on the shores of the Sea of Life and when the Hedge of Innocence was torn down stormy winds caused much trouble. However the same turbulent clouds brought glorious sunsets which reminded them of the King's Palace.

Paradise wasn't in as tranquil and visible a setting after the Hedge of Innocence was destroyed but those who rediscovered it felt it was well worth fighting for.


1. Do you think the Garden of Eden was a miniature version of Heaven? Why or why not?

2. Do you think God made Eden because He wanted those who would willingly worship Him and find out for themselves what wonderful gifts He had to offer them?

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