• Marilyn Friesen

The River of My Life

Beneath the dewy sunrise

A streamlet could be traced

For in the glistening water

My vessel had been placed.

And as it drifted onwards

Through fluffy innocent dreams

The streamlet slowly widened

Revealing different scenes.

The creek grew swift and deeper

With rapids quite a threat:

The hidden snags and boulders

Could surely cause a wreck.

But then a Man in raiment

That glistened like the Sun

Called out to me "I'll help you

Until your journey's done."

I gladly let the Master

Pilot my frail boat

Through storms and calmer weather

We managed to stay afloat.

I do not fear the currents

Or whatever the future may bring,

For Jesus is my Captain

And I'm entirely safe with Him.

Marilyn Friesen

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